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$5 USD Gaming Coupon

$5.00 USD Digital Gaming Coupon ready to redeem into

the GGtoor's invoice during the registration for a tournament.

One-time use.

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• This Digital product will be delivered strictly to the purchaser’s email, not to another person or by mail.

• This product is 100% digital, for that reason we do not accept or do refunds after the delivery and codes exposition.

• In case of an issue during the registration, the T.O. of the tournament could help you contacting our IT department and solved it instantaneously.

• After the delivery and download of the product, the purchaser is 100% responsible for the security of the coupon codes. GGtoor is not responsible for codes stolen or lost.

• At the purchase moment, you will receive a receipt, then a couple of minutes later, our system will generate the codes and send to you an email with all security links for download your product.

• When you download your product, make sure to save it somewhere that you can easily find it, especially if it is a gift and you want to be attached to an email.

• If you have more questions, please contact us, we are here to serve you!

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