MULTIVERSUS : MegaVersus 2
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MULTIVERSUS : MegaVersus 2

US/Eastern | Aug 13, 2022 | 2 V 2

PDT: 12:00 / EDT: 15:00 / CEST: 21:00 / IST: 00:30

Teams - 249 / 256 | Registered 0


1st Place: $80 USD
🏆 Team: Experience / T1FF4NY

2nd Place: $60 USD
🥈 Team: Donte / Zage

3rd Place: $40 USD
🥉 Team: Broskis / Leviathan

4th Place: $20 USD
🏅 Team: Jungle / Polarkingkai



US/Eastern At: 03:00 pm
Aug 13, 2022
PDT: 12:00 / EDT: 15:00 / CEST:: 21:00
Platform: PC, PS-4, PS-5, Xbox, Xbox X
$200 GGtoor MegaVersus #2 (NA)
1st Place $80 USD
2nd Place $60 USD
3rd Place $40 USD
4th Place $20 USD


Welcome To MegaVersus #2 (NA)
The $200 Prize Pool is provided by GGtoor
Tournament Starts August 13th, 3pm ET
[Check in opens 2 hours before!]


MegaVersus Ruleset
Banned Characters

Lebron James
Iron Giant

Map Selection and Settings

Maps are to be chosen by either striking (via startgg chat), by agreement, or randomly
Like the official EVO ruleset, duplicate characters per team are NOT ALLOWED. If the opponent team chooses the same 2 characters, leave the match and request a moderator (image proof needed)
Top 8 is Bo5, All other sets are Bo3
Perks are allowed
Stage Hazards : Off
4 Ringouts
7 Minutes

Legal Maps

Sky Arena
Sky Arena (Platforms)
Tree Fort
Trophy's E.D.G.E

Joining and Creating Lobby

Both teams choose one team to create a lobby
Players type their WB Account Name in the startgg chat and the lobby host invites the other players in using their WB Account Name
Host configures teams and then teams start striking maps

Striking Maps
Ways to strike

In-game by passing lobby lead
On's chat

Striking Steps

Higher seed team strikes first map
Other team strikes 2 maps
Higher seed team strikes one more map
Other team selects a map from the 2 maps left
Lobby host chooses the unstriked map in-game
After game one, the first strike is done by the losing team and the whole process is repeated

Sets played on stream

One of the players playing on stream will have to invite PearPod to the custom game room after everyone is there to get the set on stream, any set played without him being in and spectating will not be counted.

Note to players from TOs : How seeding is done

Seeding is done based on previous MultiVersus Tournaments
Recognizable names will be high seeded
As unfair as it seems, this is the only way to do seeding until an official leaderboard and ranked system drops and helps us do this
Players who haven't played any MVS tournaments before will be seeded randomly under the high seeded players