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The future is here - become a part of GGtoorCity today!

    GGtoorCity, is officially open for Business! We are offering commercial parcels ranging in price from $375,000 to $28,000,000. GGtoorCity is located within TCG World and has already seen more than 14,000 properties in TCG World, a Metaverse, sold to some of the most well-known organizations, groceries stores, events, apparel lines, and a wide variety of other online businesses that promise to form the economic hub of the future, filling both the virtual and real-life needs of people around the world. GGtoorCity will become the virtual worlds gaming and entertainment hub. GGtoorCity is at the forefront of innovation within the Metaverse and will become a virtual city packed with entertainment venues across a diverse spectrum of entertainment genres.

    GGtoorCity offers you the unique opportunity to find your premium commercial parcel inside the Metaverse of TCG World, the game in the metaverse where you live your virtual life playing games, enjoying social activities, visiting stores, attending exciting events, and meeting real people, while also having the opportunity to collect NFTs that can be traded, sold, or even used to play with and battle against others -This is not only a game, this is the future way to conduct business, network, socialize, play, and shop.

    Entering the Metaverse during its early stages helps to create many opportunities, including being able to claim some of the most desirable virtual real estate locations available!

    Read GGtoorCity's Pitch Deck Pitch Deck GGtoorCity 2022

    Feel free to contact one of our Commercial Property Experts, to help you to find the best investment of your life.

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    Chairman John V. Whitman Jr. - Address to Shareholders June 15th, 2022

    Las Vegas Metaverse Expo 2022 - Phone Interview to the Chairman John V. Whitman Jr. - July 8th, 2022.

    Oasis Island - Experience a place where the party never ends!

    Party Island - Everyone is invited!