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US/Eastern | Apr 17, 2022 | 1 V 1

PDT: 08:00 / EDT: 11:00 / CEST: 17:00 / IST: 20:30

Participants - 95 / 256 | Registered 0


1st Place: $100 USD

2nd Place: $50 USD
🥈 Mizo

3rd Place: $30 USD
🥉 Kamakazie(#QUCUQ2V)

4th Place: $20 USD
🏅 The_Knight_CR



US/Eastern At: 11:00 am
Apr 17, 2022
PDT: 08:00 / EDT: 11:00 / CEST:: 17:00
Platform: Mobile
1st Place $100 USD
2nd Place $50 USD
3rd Place $30 USD
4th Place $20 USD

Funds for Cash prize winners will be sent via PayPal. For Team winnings to to be disbursed, along with any other information that had originally been required to register, the team manager or person in charge of the team will be also be required to provide full Legal Name, Physical Mailing Address, and email address associated with the PayPal account where funds are to be sent.

By participating in this event, all players who were registered by that manager or person in charge also agree that it will not be GGtoor's responsibility to divide those funds among the team members; all funds shall be sent in full to the manager or person in charge. Any fees charged by paypal will be deducted from the amount sent.

Note: if the event does not have at least 75 active players (playing on game day,) the event might be postponed to a later date.


GGtoor x Clash Pop Cup #9

This online event will be free-to-enter for players from all over the world and will feature $200 in cash prizes for the top players, held on April 17, 2021, starting 11AM EDT/5PM CEST.

Registration ends one hour before the event starts. Be sure to pre-register early - don't wait until the last minute, or it might be too late!

Format Single Elimination (Bracket)
Match format: Best of 3 games
Grand Finals will be Best of 5 games
All games must be played with a mobile or tablet. Emulators are prohibited.
Any violation of the ethical rules of Clash Pop, GGtoor or Supercell will result in elimination.
Players must send the results of each match to the Clash Pop discord.
Players must join and remain on the Clash Pop and GGtoor discord for the duration of the tournament.

Clash Pop : GGtoor :

Rounds are expected to last +/- 15 minutes each (20 max, except for the Grand Finals.) Players may be issued a game loss or a match loss for Tardiness/Delay of tournament if they do not report to their match and play in a timely manner.


To participate in the tournament, make sure you are available and be on time!

Register here at and complete ALL steps.

Make sure you have downloaded Clash Royale and have the latest version.

Join the Discord servers listed above. You must remain there at all times during the tournament, since staff announcements will preferably be made on discord.

All judge calls should be made via's built-in chat. You could also use the Clash Pop Discord if the in game chat is not a feasible option for the given issue, but if there are conflicting rulings from staff on and on discord, the ruling in the chat will govern.

To be eligible to participate, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other higher age as required in the country of residence of such player). All players between the ages of 13 and 17 must send a fully completed parental consent form signed by their parent or guardian to Sinobii#0976 on Discord at least 24 hours before the start of the event or the player will be removed from the tournament . The required form is available for download during the registration process for this event. Alternatively, you can download the parental consent form after joining the GGtoor discord (above) from the #resources channel of the GGtoor discord server.

Be on time!
Do not forget to use the check-in within 2 hours before the event starts. If you do not check in properly, you will be dropped from the event! The tournament is open to players around the world and is free to join.

For each round, you must also check-in at smash gg for that round. if your opponent doesn't show up within the first 4 minutes, you get a game win, start the match up 1-0. If the opponent does not check in within 8 minutes, will automatically give the tardy player a match loss.

Disconnection rules The tournament organizer is in no way responsible for the players' connection. Keep in mind that we're opening the tournament for everyone so ping issues should be expected.

If the event does not have at least 75 active players participating, the event might be postponed to a later date.

After each game, take a screen shot in case there is a dispute as to the results. please report the results of each game as it happens in the match chat, do not wait until all games of the match are over before reporting the results of a game. Visit the GGtoor Discord for ongoing updates about the event:

Each time you are paired against an opponent, you should use SmashGG chat to arrange a duel room. If you're having trouble with SmashGG chat, then use the ping a mod on the Discord channel.

Age: To be eligible to participate, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence). Players between the ages of 13 and 17 (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence) must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian (a form will be provided which must be returned in order to complete processing your registration). IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, THE FORM CAN BE FOUND HERE: , PLEASE CONTACT TOURNAMENT STAFF PRIOR TO THE EVENT TO HAVE THE REQUIRED PAPERWORK COMPLETED OR YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.


Cheating of any kind will result in disqualification without prizes from the event, and being banned from all future events. If you are in a match where you believe your opponent cheated, please send any evidence you may have to the tournament staff. If this somehow happens to you unintentionally, you should immediately alert your opponent and tournament staff - if you don't, you will be deemed to have been Cheating, and you will be disqualified without prizing and banned from all future events.

OPTIONAL: We realize not every player can do this, so this is not mandatory: If you have the capability, live streaming and/or recording video of all of your matches is a good idea, to help eliminate any possibility of any dispute arising as to the results of the match.

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected. You are NOT allowed to be disruptive or harass your opponent on SmashGG, Discord, Twitch chat, etc (or any other actions that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct except for actions intended to be allowed within the game itself as part of normal game-play.) If you do, then your actions may result in a game loss, match loss, or disqualification from the event without prizes, solely at the discretion of the Tournament Staff.

Select matches for this event may be streamed on a one of our designated Official Twitch channels. Competitors playing in the event may live stream the event from their own POV as well (and are strongly encouraged to do so, with #GGtoor in the title.) If you do stream on your own, it is YOUR responsibility to add a time delay to avoid stream sniping. Any featured matches rebroadcast on the official Stream will have a time delay added. By registering for this event, you agree that we may live re-broadcast your live stream from our designated Twitch channels and commentate any game-play during the course of the event, as well as create VODs of this Content, which we may choose to make available on our official Youtube channels and other platforms, so others may marvel at your awesome plays (or epic fails!)