BRAWLHALLA : PXL Esports Open 1
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BRAWLHALLA : PXL Esports Open 1

US/Eastern | Oct 29, 2022 | 1 V 1

PDT: 06:00 / EDT: 09:00 / CEST: 15:00 / IST: 18:30

Participants - 159 / 4536 | Registered 0


1st Place: $50 USD
🏆 Guickabou

2nd Place: $30 USD
🥈 Seabass

3rd Place: $20 USD
🥉 M.Fatal



US/Eastern At: 09:00 am
Oct 29, 2022
PDT: 06:00 / EDT: 09:00 / CEST:: 15:00
Platform: Gamecube , Mobile , PC , PS-4 , PS-5 , Switch , Xb
Prizes follow (For both MVS and Brawl. If team, this is total to be split among the team)
1st - $50 ($25 each for 2v2)
2nd -$30 ($15 each for 2v2)
3rd - $20 ($10 each for 2v2)
There is an overall total of $400 for the prize pool for PXL x GGToor #1 . This is funded by Blue Mammoth Games + GGToor!

Funds for Cash prize winners will be sent via PayPal, and winners may be required to provide full Legal Name, age, and Physical Mailing Address (along with the email address associated with the PayPal account) for winnings to to be disbursed.

If the player is under 18 years old, the player would need to submit a parental consent form before prizing would be released. (The form that needs to be completed will be provided and must be fully completed and signed by a parent or guardian.)

BMG can take up to 3 months to respond for your prize.
For the GGToor prizes please contact #Sinobii#0976 on discord.


All events are double elimination, meaning that if you lose a round in Winners, you automatically get sent down to losers which means you can get a second chance to win!

Both Brawlhalla events are 1v1 and for Multiversus the NA event is 2v2 while the EU event will be a 1v1.

Brackets for each event are structured the same.

First Bracket (May have multiple pools depending on attendee count) -> Top 32 -> Top 8 (Which will be streamed on the GGtoor channel)
Where is the T.O? I need to ask him a question that is not in the FAQ or listed on the front page.**

Click on the drop down box below for our FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions), or if your query isn't listed here, DM Maximus#4536 on discord.


If you disconnect for any reason during a set, you can wait a little while for the issue to be fixed, but if it is more than 10 minutes we will have to DQ you and if you do not communicate with us we will DQ you.

There will be a pre-check in and you must Check in in every set you play. (DQ Timer is 10 minutes)

Visit the GGtoor and the PXL discord for ongoing updates about the event:

Do not forget to use the check-in within 2 hours before the event starts. If you do not check in properly, you will be dropped from the event! Unsportsmanlike Conduct

(Opponent) No show rules: For each round, you must check-in at smash gg for that round. if your opponent doesn't show up within the first 5 minutes, you get a game win, start the match up 1-0 If the opponent does not check in within 10 minutes , will automatically give the tardy player a match loss.

Each time you are paired against an opponent, you should use chat to arrange a duel room. If you're having trouble with this chat, then use the ping a staff member on the GGtoor Discord channel for the game you are playing.

Age: To be eligible to participate, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence.) Players under 18 will need a consent form completed by a parent or guardian to claim cash prizing.


Cheating of any kind will result in disqualification without prizes from the event, and being banned from all future events. If you are in a match where you believe your opponent cheated, please send any evidence you may have to the tournament staff. In addition to Hacking, "CHEATING" ALSO INCLUDES USING ANY BUG OR UNINTENDED EXPLOIT THAT EXISTS IN THE GAME, intentionally or unintentionally - UNLESS Staff has made an announcement to everyone about an exception to this rule. If this somehow happens to you unintentionally, you should immediately alert your opponent and tournament staff - if you don't, you will be deemed to have been Cheating, and you will be disqualified without prizing and banned from all future events.

OPTIONAL: We realize not every player can do this, so this is not mandatory: If you have the capability, live streaming and/or recording video of all of your matches is a good idea, to help eliminate any possibility of any dispute arising as to the results of the match.

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected. You are NOT allowed to be disruptive or harass your opponent on SmashGG, Discord, Twitch chat, etc (or any other actions that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct except for actions intended to be allowed within the game itself as part of normal game-play.) If you do, then your actions may result in a game loss, match loss, or disqualification from the event without prizes, solely at the discretion of the Tournament Staff.

Select matches for this event may be streamed on Twitch. Competitors playing in the event may live stream the event from their own POV as well (and are strongly encouraged to do so! Please add #GGtoor to your tournament stream title.) The admins are in no way responsible for any stream sniping, should it happen. The admins suggest a time delay on player/team streams if stream sniping is of any concern.

By registering for this event, you agree that we may live re-broadcast your live stream from our designated Twitch channels and cast any game-play during the course of the event, as well as create VODs of this content. Any content we make may be made available on our official Youtube channels and other platforms, so others may marvel at your awesome plays (or epic fails!)

Brawlhalla Rules

You can play any legend. (Unless during the tourney there is a new legend without a balance patch).

You must follow all official Brawlhalla community rules which can be found at

All matches must be played in the tournament mode and on the correct region.

Top 8 onwards will be played ON stream in Bo5 matches at

Multiversus Rules No double characters for 2v2.

Rick is a banned character.

Joining and Creating Lobby - Both teams choose one team to create a lobby Players type their WB Account Name in the startgg chat and the lobby host invites the other players in using their WB Account Name Host configures teams and then teams start striking maps

Before playing every game, you will have to go to onto your match and select a map by striking!

Players are not allowed to start any game in before moderators say so. Any game played without a moderator's allowance is not counted. (This is to make sure all casters and the streamer is in the game room)

Players playing in the EU 1v1 event are required to invite MaximusPrimeXL, Undecided, Undecided once all players have joined. Players playing in the NA 2v2 event are required to invite MaximusPrimeXL once all players have joined.

Since striking is now done inside startgg, players playing on streamed sets will have to manually report their scores and maps Players are to play in other tournaments at their own risk, Players have 5 minutes to show up after they after moderators call the start of the set. If they fail to do this, a moderator will DQ the late team(s)

Top 8 (Best of 5 matches) onwards will be streamed at