Organizer Rules

1. Registration and Participation
1. All organizers must meet all requirements in this Section in their entirety to be eligible to participate in any of our events Series. Any organizer who does not meet such requirements shall be deemed ineligible and maybe removed from any event or tournament Series unless and until such time as is satisfied that all eligibility criteria has been met. Players agree that can investigate and take such other action as it may reasonably require in determining eligibility
2. Organizers must have a team or a league with a minimum of 200 gamers registered in their discord server.
3. All communications will be done through channels Discord, Tweeter and Instagram.
4. This tournament series is open for players around the world that meet the participation requirements per game.
5. By registering, organizer and teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes.
6. Team and player names that are found to be offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request of name change is allowed during and before the competition. Participants who do not follow this instruction will be disqualified.
7. The registered email and contact number per team will be used to receive further instructions for the qualifiers. The email and contact number owners are responsible for sharing information to their team.

2. Tournament Streams
1. Organizers teams that are found to be abusing the tournament streams will be disqualified immediately and will be denied tournament winnings for this action or any action that is abusive.
2. Organizers teams will be asked to act gracefully when the game is streamed, no vulgar words, taunting or spamming is allowed. Any dispute should be directed to the tournament admins directly for any issues. Any team that is found not following this rule will be disqualified immediately regardless if the game is streamed or not.
3. Group Stages and Grand Finals only will be broadcasted.
4. All stream during any tournament and their streaming rights are giving to the tournament host and streaming in Twitch channel.
5. will provide game servers and game keys for events.

3. Conduct
1. Participants must be responsible for their actions. Any participant that violates the player conduct will be penalized.
2. Participants are expected to respect their fellow participants and all the event staff. Participants shall not make any indecent, impolite or insulting actions or gestures towards the aforementioned parties.
3. Participants are prohibited from being vulgar and spamming, both in-game and in the communication platform.
4. Betting is strictly forbidden between participants and will not be tolerated.
5. Match-fixing, or even colluding to match-fixing will be considered as disqualification if found out by the organizers.
6. Participants are advised to be humble and to be strict with each other on enforcing these rules for the smooth flow of the tournament.
7. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform.
8. Organizers understand that cheating is not allowed and will do everything in their power to prevent bad behavior; if we have doubt that during the event any player has broken this rule, during the event’s sponsor by, then it will be required that each team record their conversations and match. In this way, they can determine who made what call and use the information to cheat.

4. General Events and Tournament Rules
1. Participants must follow the schedule mentioned in the tournament admins and may not agree to a time that is suitable for participants to be playing at.
    a) All tournament schedules will be communicated to participants by the tournament admins.
2. Participants who do not use their registered account in can be denied participation in any of the online qualifiers by the tournament admins.
3. Participants may not use force outside the game to influence the outcome of the game. Severe punishments such as disqualification will be imposed and will also be banned from further tournaments run by the organizers.
4. Participants will be required to report their victories to the tournament admins on the Discord communication platform.
5. Internet connection is the participant’s personal responsibility. The organizers will not be held liable for any issues that arise from a participant’s internet connection.
6. Roster changes will only be allowed before the end of the registration period for each game’s qualifier. If a team wishes to replace anyone on their team, they can edit their original submission on the registration form before the registration period ends. They can also speak to a tournament official regarding the case of the roster change. Roster changes after the registration period ends are prohibited. While there are cases where roster changes can be entertained, it will be handled on a case-to-case basis, and can merit further investigation from the tournament admins if needed.

5. The following are considered illegal and will be punished:
1. Creating/Exploiting Bugs.
2. Account Sharing/Piloting.
3. Deliberate Disconnection: Deliberately disconnecting for improper or unclear reasons is prohibited and will be punished.
4. Cheating: Using any kind of device or third-party program to cheat, or using any resembling means to cheat. Conspiring to cheat also falls under this category, and the involved parties will be dealt with accordingly.
5. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform. Credible evidence must be presented in order for the tournament admins to entertain the issue.

6. Sponsorship will only sponsor organizers that meet the following:
1. Organizer must have a bank account in the name of the entity I the country they reside.
2. reserves the right to only send sponsorship money once all requirements are met.
3. Organizer is responsible to organize the event by rules and guidance.
4. Organizer hold harmless Shadow Gaming, Inc., and its website from any or all disputes that may arise from any of the events
5. Organizer are responsible to make sure all participant/volunteers in their organized events do their job.
6. All payment will be done electronically and in US dollars.
7. reserves the right to forfeit any winning for any violation of the rules.

Updated August 14th, 2020.

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