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US/Eastern | Sep 18, 2021

PST: 08:00 / EST: 11:00 / CEST: 17:00

Teams - 81 / 250 Registered | 5 V 5


1st Place: $250 USD
🏆 Team: Midnight

2nd Place: $150 USD
🥈 Team: HITMAW

3rd Place: $50 USD



US/Eastern At: 11:00 am
Sep 18, 2021
PST: 08:00 / EST: 11:00 / CET: 17:00
Platform: Switch
Prize Pool Payout:
Total Prize Pool: $500 in USD.
•Champion: $250 in USD
•2nd place: $150 in USD
•3rd and 4th place: $50 in USD /each

All information and rules: https://victoryroadunite.com/2021/09/01/victory-ro...

Important Note: For anyone who is younger than 18 years old, we will require you to submit a parent's consent form signed by your parent or guardian before your registration can be approved. This is to prevent any legal issues that may arise later on in compliance with GGtoor's ToS(https://ggtoor.com/terms.php) and/or Battlefy's Terms of Service.
You may contact the TOs for this event:

On Discord: https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q and http://discord.gg/waCduKseTe
On Twitter: @Unite_VR

Our staff speaks English, Spanish and French, so feel free to reach out on the language you're most comfortable with.


End of registration is September 18th 14:30UTC / 22:30GMT+8 / 10:30EST / 7:30PST
Time and date of the tournament:
September 18th, 2021 15:00UTC / 23:00GMT+8 / 11:00EST / 8:00PST

Victory Road is back for another Pokémon Unite tournament played online on September 18th, 2021 at 15:00 UTC.
This online event will be free-to-enter for players from all over the world and will feature $500 in cash prizes for the top teams. Find all info and the sign-ups below and don't miss your chance at becoming a pro of UNITE!

We ask you to be in our Discord server at all times during the tournament: http://discord.gg/waCduKseTe and also join the GGtoor discord server https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q


Make sure you've read the tournament's rules before joining:

To play in the tournament, make sure your team of 5...

Sign up here on Battlefy and complete ALL steps.
Make sure you have downloaded Pokémon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and have the latest version up and running.
Join the Discord servers: https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q and http://discord.gg/waCduKseTe.
You must remain there at all times during the tournament, since the staff's announcements will be made preferentially at the #tournament-announcements room. All communications between players and players to TOs will be through Battlefy's integrated chat.
To be eligible to participate, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, of greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence). If your team has any players that are under 18 years old, you should follow the following:
All players whose age is 13 to 17 must send a completed parental consent form to Sinobii#0976 on discord signed by their parents or guardian/s at least 24 hours before the event starts, or the team will be dropped from the tournament.
Said parental consent form may be downloaded here.
Alternatively, you may access the parental consent form after joining the GGtoor discord (above) the blank consent form can be found and downloaded from: the GGtoor discord server #resources channel.
This is in compliance with GGtoor and Battlefy's Term of Service and as well as to avoid potential issues that may arise.
Do not forget to use the check-in within 1 hour before the event starts. If you do not check-in properly, you will be dropped from the event!

You MUST complete all five of the tasks above before the tournament starts.

Sign-ups will close on Sat. September 18th @ 14:30 UTC, half an hour before the tournament starts at 15:00 UTC.
Please reach out to us on Twitter, Discord or by email for any issues.

Do not forget to use the check-in within 1 hour before the event starts. If you do not check in properly, you will be dropped from the event!
Matches will be played using Pokémon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch. The game is free to play and you will NOT need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to download it from the Nintendo eShop.
The tournament is open to players around the world and is free to join.
Competitors will form squads of 5 players each. A backup player will be allowed for all teams, but is not mandatory.
Teams having 4 or fewer players WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to play.
All squads will face each other on a single-elimination bracket until only the winning team is left.
All rounds will be played as a best-of-3 set of games (Bo3). The grand final will be played as a best-of-5 set (Bo5).
All players are allowed to use a Battle Item and up to three Hold Items on their builds. We're aware of the disparities this may cause between players who have invested money into the game and those who have not, but there's no feasible way to limit or restrict this feature for now. We will keep this in mind moving forward in the future.

Players may only join the tournament in squads of 5 or 6 players. Five players are needed to play any given round, but all teams are welcome to fit an extra player as a substitute. If any team drops below five players, they will automatically lose their round and thus will be out of the tournament.

Players interested in joining that do not have a squad should join the GGtoor Discord server and the Victory Road Discord server. Both servers have a specific room for solo players who are looking to form a new team!

Matches will be hosted (i.e created on the game) by the captain of each team as follows:

Game 1: captain of team A (appearing on the left side on the Battlefy match screen).
Game 2: captain of team B (appearing on the right side on the Battlefy match screen).
Game 3: coin flip by a staff member on the Battlefy chat for the match. If your match goes to a third game, you need to call a staff member on your Battlefy room to do this (click on the red button saying 'Report Match Issue').

In the best-of-5 set of the finals, games 1 and 3 will be hosted by team A, and games 2 and 4 by team B. The final game 5 will be decided on a coin flip.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected, you must show respect towards your opponents. You are NOT allowed to be disruptive or grief your opponent in Real Life, such as in any Discord or Twitch chat (or any other actions that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct except for actions intended to be allowed within the game itself as part of normal game-play.) If you do, your actions may result in a game loss, match loss, or disqualification from the event without prizes, or even a lifetime ban, solely at the discretion of the Tournament Staff.

Streaming Rules

Players will be allowed to stream their run of the tournament.
The admins are in no way responsible for any stream sniping, should it happen.
The admins suggest at least a 2-minute delay on player/team streams to completely avoid stream sniping.
Players may share the streams of their run through the #tournament-streams channel.
Selected Top Cut matches for the official stream MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 PLAYER from the participating teams to provide live footage to the organizers.
We strongly suggest putting #VRClash and #GGtoor in the title or on your Tweets about the tournament.
By registering for this event, you agree that we may live re-broadcast your live stream from our designated Twitch channels and add commentary on any game-play during the course of the event, as well as create VODs of this Content, which we may choose to make available on our official Youtube channels and other platforms, so others may marvel at your awesome plays (or epic fails!)

(Opponent) No show rules

For each round, if your opponent hasn't shown up for 5 minutes, you get a match win.
If your opponent hasn't shown up for 10 minutes, you win the round.

Disconnection rules

Due to the nature of the game, and unfortunately have no way to spectate or manually pause the game, we will follow the following:

Should it happen within the loading screen, continue the match as usual.
If a disconnection happen, any resolution will be disputed should both teams agree to remake the game.

The tournament organizer is in no way responsible for the players' connection. Keep in mind that we're opening the tournament for everyone so ping issues should be expected.
Captains can report their team's score.