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CET | Nov 14, 2021

PST: 09:00 / EST: 12:00 / CET: 18:00 / IST: 22:30

Teams - 38 / 50 Registered | 5 V 5


1st Place: $250 USD
🏆 Team: TTV

2nd Place: $150 USD
🥈 Team: Tacchini Volanti

3rd Place: $50 USD
🥉 Team: Vail Unite

4th Place: $50 USD
🏅 Team: Wizards



CET At: 06:00 pm
Nov 14, 2021
PST: 09:00 / EST: 12:00 / CET: 18:00
Platform: Mobile , Switch
Total Prize Pool: $500 in USD.

Champion: $250 in USD
2nd place: $150 in USD
3rd and 4th place: $50 in USD each

All information and rules:----

Important Note: For anyone who is younger than 18 years old, we will require you to submit a parent's consent form signed by your parent or guardian before your registration can be approved. This is to prevent any legal issues that may arise later on in compliance with GGtoor Terms of Service (https://ggtoor.com/terms.php)

If the event does not have at least 24 active teams participating, the event might be postponed to a later date.

End of registration is November 14 17:00UTC / 01:00 AM GMT+8 (+1) / 13:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST


This online event will be free-to-enter for players from all over the world and will feature $500 in cash prizes for the top teams. Find all info and the sign-ups below and don't miss your chance at becoming a pro of UNITE!
Dates and schedule

November 14, 2021

17:00 UTC
19:00 CEST
01:00 GMT+8 (+1)
01:00 PM EST
10:00 AM PST


Format Single Eliminations
Match format: Best of 3 games
Grand Finals will be Best of 5 games
All games will be played through the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices
Greedent is BANNED on both platforms -use of this item will result in automatic game loss. A second infraction during the entire event will result in the team being disqualified!
Players may submit their own scores.
Screenshots per game are not required but are recommended to help resolve issues when encountered.

We ask you to be in the discord servers at all times during the tournament: http://discord.gg/waCduKseTe and https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q


To play in the tournament, make sure your team of 5...

Sign up here on smash.gg and complete ALL steps.

Make sure you have downloaded Pokémon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch or Mobile devices and have the latest version up and running.

Join the Discord servers: https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q and http://discord.gg/waCduKseTe. You must remain there at all times during the tournament, since the staff's announcements will be made preferentially at the #tournament-announcements room. All judge calls will be through smash.gg's integrated chat.

To be eligible to participate, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, of greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence). If your team has any players that are under 18 years old, you should follow the following: All players whose age is 13 to 17 must send a fully completed parental consent form signed by their parent or guardian to to Sinobii#0976 on discord at least 24 hours before the event starts, or the team will be dropped from the tournament. The required form is available for download during the registration process for this event. Alternatively, you can download the parental consent form after joining the GGtoor discord (above) from the GGtoor discord server's #resources channel. This is in compliance with GGtoor's Term of Service and as well as to avoid potential issues that may arise.

Do not forget to use the check-in within 1 hour before the event starts. If you do not check-in properly, you will be dropped from the event! You MUST complete all five of the tasks above before the tournament starts.

Please reach out to us on Twitter, Discord or by email for any issues.