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US/Eastern | Oct 29, 2022 | 1 V 1

PST: 09:00 / EST: 12:00 / CET: 17:00 / IST: 21:30

Participants - 175 / 256 | Registered 0

Registration Closed


1 Place: 125
🏆 CheckThisOut!

2 Place: 75
🥈 Shelmydemy

3 Place: 25
🥉 Titacon

4 Place: 25
🏅 Kuriza



US/Eastern At: 12:00 pm
Oct 29, 2022
PST: 09:00 / EST: 12:00 / CET:: 17:00
Platform: Mobile , PC , PS-4 , PS-5 , Switch , Xbox X/S
$250 GGtoor x DLE Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Open #16
1st Place $125 USD
2nd Place $75 USD
3rd Place $25 USD
4th Place $25 USD

The prize is delivered via Paypal. You must have an account to be able to claim it.

Funds for Cash prize winners will be sent via PayPal, and winners will be required to provide full Legal Name and Physical Mailing Address (along with the email address associated with the PayPal account) for winnings to to be disbursed.

Note: if the event does not have at least 150 active participants, the event might be postponed to a later date.


DATE: October 29, 2022, 12PM EDT


PRIZE: $250 USD (1st. $125, 2nd. $75, 3rd/4rd $25)

FORMAT: Single Elimination BO3, 1 Deck, 15 Card Side Deck. Loser of previous game choose to go first or second in Game 2 or 3 after both players finish side deck and get back on table. Round time limit is 60 minutes. Submit decks after sign up in start.gg.

REQUIREMENTS: You MUST be a part of the GGtoor Discord. https://discord.gg/GUhyZxFH8Q You MUST have a SmashGG account and you must follow GGtoor on Twitter.

REGISTRATION: Registration ends at 11:30 AM EDT on Game Day. The deck submission deadline is 11:40 AM EDT on Game Day. If you are dropped due to no decks before deadline, you will not be added back.



Being 5 minutes late to a match after BOTH players have checked in is a game loss
Being 10 minutes late to a match after BOTH players have checked in is a match loss.
Time limit rule will apply: you have 60 minutes to finish a best of 3 match. Failure to do so will make it so that the player with higher life points at the end of that turn will win the duel. If same, life will be compared at end of each following turns until they are different.
If game 3 starts after time limit, life will be compared at end of each turn, player with higher life win.


If it's a side deck event, then you have 5 minutes to make your changes and start playing. Taking longer than 5 minutes will result in a game loss.
If you have any problems, then contact a moderator or talk to your opponent in chat. Take screenshots for verifying and explaining what happened. We cannot help if you do not communicate proof of your issue.
Loser of previous game chooses to go first or second in game 2 or 3 after both players finish side deck and get back on the table. Player who leaves table after that will get game loss. It's the player's own responsibility to enforce the rule. Keep screenshot with time stamp as evidence if your opponent break this rule.


When creating rooms, turn "Room List Permissions" and "Spectate List Permissions" off, and use default settings for rest options.
A third person other than the streamer or moderator cannot enter the room. If there is an unknown person, both players will receive penalty.

Disconnection Errors and Glitches

Always record a video or take a screenshot of your glitch or disconnect and call a moderator.
Disconnection during the game will result into loss. Otherwise if disconnection occurs after coin flip and there is no replay in room, duel will restart with the winner of previous coin flip choosing first or second.


1st offense - Warning
2nd offense - Game Lost
3rd offense- Match Lost


Your SmashGG name and your Discord name MUST be close enough for us to find you on discord if needed.
Your Player ID must match the account you use during our tournament. Mismatching ID's could result in disqualification.
If something is wrong with SmashGG, then you are expected to use the discord to communicate with the mods for help.
Being kicked or removed from the tournament for any reason is your responsibility. This includes:
Being late
Not signing in for any reason.
Messaging any mod for any reason after the start time wondering why you're not signed up.
Not having the same SmashGG and Discord name so we kicked you because we didn't know who you were.


In the event the tournament does not conclude before in-game maintenance, then the event must be carried over to the next day, and you will be required to play at THE SAME TIME THE TOURNAMENT STARTED THE DAY BEFORE.